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Tips For a New Yogi

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

If you're new to yoga, welcome! We're all a little crazy here.

  1. You've taken the first, most important step - beginning. You need to start somewhere. Exploring these resources to learn more is a great first step. Yay, you!

  2. You don't need fancy, expensive yoga clothes. You can wear anything that is comfortable and affordable for you. Don't break the budget.

  3. Trust your body, if you're experiencing pinching or pain back off from the pose. There is a big difference between pain and being uncomfortable.

  4. Avoid comparison. Your only competition should be you. Practice without expectation or ego.

  5. Modify your practice with props - blocks, straps (or belts), pillows, and blankets are great tools.

  6. Find an instructor you connect with.

  7. Embrace the postures you dislike - you'll likely benefit from them the most. Move in a way that the body needs vs. the ego wants.

  8. Experiment with different yoga styles.

Remember that you will always be your toughest critic. Be kind to yourself. The practice of yoga is a journey, not a race.

I'm happy you're here.

Sending you love and light on this new adventure,


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