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I will always invest in my health and healing opportunities.

If its within your means, so should you.



Healy is a device that runs micro-currents through your body, scans your aura and sends vibrations to it. Its really cool and backed by some big science. It's even FDA approved - kind of cool that the gov is recognizing the power of micro-currents and frequencies. They can't hide the truth from us forever - even though they tried to make this kind of healing illegal in the 1950's....  


If you're curious about Healy, send me a message or purchase one by clicking HERE.


My favourite activewear - Downtown Betty prides themselves on keeping their clothing as natural as possible. Each garment is made with 95% cotton (organic where they can) and just enough Lycra (5%) to ensure comfort during yoga, and long wear times. That’s why Downtown Betty is so comfortable to wear. 

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Pixie Cup offers a variety of menstrual cups and period products that are designed to empower women to live in freedom every day of the year. Their core motivation comes from a desire to serve women across the world, and they do that by providing affordable, waste-reducing period products to all women, and FREE menstrual cups to women in need across the world through their Buy One, Give One program. For every cup purchased, they give one cup away, completely free, to a woman in need.

Use my code VATRA15 to save 15% off when shopping. Click here to shop.


Everyday Dose combines the classic coffee flavor you know and love with functional mushrooms, collagen protein, and nootropics to promote focus, energy, immunity, and gut health. No crash. No B.S. Light and creamy roasted coffee with very subtle notes of chocolate. Expect to feel clear, calm, energized, and focused, with boosted productivity - ready to take on the world.

Use my code VATRAWELLNESS to receive 5 free sample packs when shopping. Click here to shop.



Sunnyside Botanicals specializes in high-quality CBD products. They only use high-quality, all-natural, organic ingredients, beginning with their CBD: always solvent-free, and super-critical C02 hemp extract. Their essential oils are therapeutic grade, and Epsom salts are pharmaceutical grade. They test at the concentration level, through a third party lab qualified for analysis. All testing data is readily available on their website, with direct links to the associated lab.

Use my code vatrawellness to save 15% off when shopping. Click here to shop.

Alive Intentions

Each bracelet, necklace, and ring is designed and hand-strung with love and intention to give you a sense of calm, direction, and positive attitude in life. The woman who creates these is an amazing human, and I ensure quality and beauty for a fair price. I never take my bracelets off.

Use my code vatrawellness to save when shopping. Click here to shop.

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